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Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide

Air Bag Module and Clock Spring



When working on the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) adhere to the following system precautions, otherwise bodily injury or component damage may result.

Wait at least 60 seconds after disconnecting the battery cable before doing any further work.
Never attempt to disassemble or repair the air bag module or clock spring. If faulty, have it replaced. Do not drop the air bag module or clock spring or allow contact with water, grease or oil. Replace it if a dent, crack, deformation or rust is detected.
The air bag module should be stored on a flat surface and placed so that the pad surface is facing upward. Do not place anything on top of the air bag modules.
After deployment of an air bag, replace the clock spring with a new one. Wear gloves and safety glasses when handling an air bag that has deployed.
The connection between the air bag module and the clock spring does not take much force to disconnect it, do not apply excessive force to it. The removed air bag module should be stored in a clean, dry place with the pad cover face up.
Do not hammer on the steering wheel. Doing so may damage the collapsible column mechanism.
If the clock spring's mating mark is not properly aligned, the steering wheel may not be completely rotational during a turn, or the flat cable within the clock spring may be severed, obstructing normal operation of the SRS.
Be sure when installing the steering wheel, that the harness of the clock spring does not become caught or tangled.
If the an undeployed air bag module was replaced with a new unit, take the undeployed air bag module to a Mitsubishi dealer to have it correctly disposed of.


Mitsubishi recommend strongly against working on the SRS system, unless you have experience and training for working on these types of systems. SRS system and personal damage could result from inexperienced people working on these systems.

  1. Set the steering wheel and the front wheels to the straight ahead position.
  3. Remove the ignition key from the ignition switch.
  5. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Wrap tape around the terminal end of the cable to prevent accidental grounding of the vehicle.
  7. Remove the air bag module mounting nut using a socket wrench from the back side.
  9. When removing the connector of the clock spring from the air bag module, press the air bag's lock toward the outer side to spread it open. Use a flat-tipped, skinny prytool to remove the connector gently.
  11. Remove the cap from the underside of the assembly.
  13. Using a steering wheel puller, remove the steering wheel from the steering column.
  15. Remove the six lower column cover retaining screws and pull the cover off of the column.
  17. Unplug the clock spring and body wiring harness connectors.
  19. Remove the retaining screws and lift the clock spring off of the steering column.
  21. To install, align the mating mark and the Neutral position indicator of the clock spring, then slide the clock spring onto the steering column.
  23. Secure the clock spring to the column switch with the mounting screws.
  25. Plug the clock spring and body wiring harness connectors back together.
  27. Install the column lower cover and tighten the six mounting screws until snug.
  29. Before installing make sure that the front wheels are still pointing straight ahead and that the Neutral mark and the mating mark on the clock spring are still aligned.
  31. Tighten the steering wheel retaining nut to 29 ft. lbs. (39 Nm) of torque, then turn the steering wheel all the way in both directions to confirm that steering is normal.
  33. Install the lower-rear cap onto the steering wheel.
  35. When installing the air bag module, route the horn switch harnesses as shown in the illustration. Install the air bag module without clamping the harnesses. Secure the air bag module onto the steering wheel with the retaining nuts, which should be tightened to 2.5 ft. lbs. (3.4 Nm).
  37. Arm the SRS system-follow the previously described procedure.