Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide



The transfer case found in the Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Monteros is the same basic unit from 1983-95. The automatic transmission transfer case (KM148 and V4AW2/ V4AW3 transmissions) and the manual transmission case (KM145 and V5MT1 transmissions) all use the same transfer case. The transfer case is a constant mesh type (called Active Traction 4WD the V4AW2/V4AW3 and V5MT1 transmissions) with a 1.00:1 high gear ratio and a 1.94:1 (1.92:1 on V4AW2/V4AW3 and V5MT1 transmissions) low gear ratio. All are controlled with a single, floor-shift type lever. The rear wheels are driven with a direct system and the front wheels are driven with a chain drive system.

All service procedures in this section for the transfer case apply to all four transmission/ transfer case combinations.