Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide

Windshield Washer Motor and Fluid Reservoir



Although the mounting positions may be different, the windshield washer motor and reservoir on all Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Monteros is essentially the same. Each vehicle has a washer tank or fluid reservoir, a washer motor or pump, washer nozzles and the washer system fluid tubes.

The windshield washer fluid reservoir is mounted in the engine compartment, on either the right-hand or left-hand inner fender-well. It is mounted to the fender-well with a few mounting screws or bolts. Attached to the fluid reservoir are the fluid tubes and the washer motor. To remove the reservoir, disconnect the fluid tube and the wiring harness from the washer motor and remove the reservoir mounting bolts. The motor will come off with the reservoir.

The washer motor is mounted to the fluid tank, is retained there by a mounting bracket. The motor also has wires connected to it, which send to the motor the signals from the wiper switch inside the vehicle. To remove the washer motor, disconnect the fluid tube and wiring harness from it. Then unbolt the mounting bracket or screws and remove the motor from the reservoir.

The washer nozzles are mounted underneath of the deck cowls or garnishes or in the hood. They are hooked to the fluid tubes and are the components which aim the washer fluid spray onto the windshield. To remove the nozzles, remove the deck cowl or garnishes and the fluid tubes. The nozzles usually have a retaining nut or screw into the deck or hood themselves.

The fluid hoses or tubes carry the washer fluid from the reservoir and motor to the nozzles. To replace the tubes with new ones, simply pull the tube off of the nozzle and the motor. Remove the old hose from the engine compartment. Route the new tube along the same path as the old one, then plug it into the nozzle and motor.