Montana, Silhouette, Venture 2000-2005




  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Large seal retaining clamp from the CV-joint and discard the clamp
    Swage ring by using a hand grinder to cut through it. Do not damage the axle shaft with the grinder
    Halfshaft outboard seal from the CV-joint outer race and slide the seal away from the joint
    CV-joint and boot from the halfshaft and discard the boot

  5. Place a brass drift against the CV-joint cage and gently tap on it until it tilts. Remove the chrome alloy ball. Tilt the cage in the opposite direction and remove the ball. Continue to rotate the cage until all six alloy balls have been removed.
  7. Pivot the cage and inner race 90 degrees to the center line of the of the outer race. Align the cage windows with the outer race lands. Lift the cage and the inner race out of the CV-joint.
  9. Remove the inner race from the cage by rotating the race upward.
  11. Clean the grease and contaminates with cleaning solvent from the inner/outer races; CV-joint cage and the alloy balls.
  13. Remove any rust from the boot mounting area and clean the halfshaft bar.

To assemble:

  1. Coat the inner and outer race grooves with grease and align the inner race with the windows of the cage.
  3. Insert the inner race to the cage by rotating the race downward.
  5. Insert the cage and inner race into the outer race.
  7. Install the six alloy balls into the cage by tilting the cage. Repeat this process until all the balls are in place.
  9. Pack the CV boot and joint with the grease supplied in the kit.
  11. Install or connect the following:
    Make certain that the retaining ring side of the inner race faces the halfshaft bar before installation.

    New boot clamp onto the boot
    CV boot on to the halfshaft bar and position the small end of the boot into the groove on the halfshaft bar. Secure the clamp to the boot with a Seal Clamp tool J 35910. Torque the clamp to 100 ft. lbs. (136 Nm).
    Swage ring over the large diameter of the boot by pinching the ring into an oval shape

  13. Slide the joint onto the halfshaft with the retaining snapring inside of the inner race. The race is properly seated when it snaps into place. Pull on the CV-joint to verify full engagement.
  15. Install the large diameter of the boot with the large swage ring in place over the outside edge of the joint outer race.
  17. Clamp the boot tightly to the outer race with the large swage ring by mounting Split Plate Swage Clamp tool J 36652 in a vise.
  19. Position the outboard end of the halfshaft in the bottom of the tool.
  21. Align the CV boot, joint and swage ring.
  23. Install the top half of the tool and align the swage ring and clamp. Install the bolts to the top of the tool and tighten snugly. Tighten each bolt an additional 180 degrees. Alternate between the bolts until both sides of the top portion of the tool touch the bottom half.
  25. Loosen the bolts and remove the split plate swage clamp tool.
  27. Install the halfshaft.
  29. Road test the vehicle and make certain there are no abnormal noises in the front end.
  31. Check and adjust the alignment if necessary.