MonteCarlo 2000

Description & Operation


When performing service on or around the SIR (air bag) components or SIR wiring, follow the procedures listed above to temporarily disable the SIR system. Failure to do so may result in possible air bag deployment, personal injury or unneeded SIR system repairs.

The Sensing and Diagnostics Module (SDM) can maintain sufficient voltage to cause deployment for up to ten minutes after the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position or the battery is disconnected.

Many of the vehicle controls are electronic. Use care when working around solid-state electronic components. Do not open the package on an electronic component until time to install it. Avoid touching electrical terminals of the part. Before removing an electronic part from its packaging, ground the package to a known good ground on the vehicle. Always touch a known good ground before handling the part. This should be repeated while handling the part. Do it more often after sliding across the seat (static electricity danger).