MonteCarlo 2000

Headlight Switch


Removal & Installation

  1. Remove the instrument panel cluster trim plate, using the procedure found in this section under Instrument Cluster Removal and Installation.

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Fig. Removing the headlamp switch-1997-00 Chevrolet

  1. Remove the headlamp switch from the instrument panel by depressing the locking tabs with a small flat-blade tool. Note that some Monte Carlo models may have the fog lamp switch share the same bracket as the headlamp switch. Simply pry loose the fog lamp switch, as applicable.
  3. Detach the electrical connector and remove the switch from the vehicle.
  5. Installation is the reverse of the removal process with the following important point:
    1. After replacing the headlamp switch due to an external short, cycle the headlamp switch and the interior light dimmer switch ON and OFF twice to activate the internal circuit protection feature of the switch. All interior lights will not operate if the headlamp switch has not been cycled.