Neon, 2000 - 2005

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All vehicles use a proportional purge solenoid. The solenoid regulates the rate of vapor flow from the EVAP canister to the throttle body. The PCM operates the solenoid. During the cold start warm-up period and the hot start time delay, the PCM does not energize the solenoid. When de-energized, no vapors are purged.

The proportional purge solenoid operates at a frequency of 200 Hz and is controlled by an engine controller circuit that senses the current being applied to the proportional purge solenoid and then adjusts that current to achieve the desired purge flow. The proportional purge solenoid controls the purge rate of fuel vapors from the vapor canister and fuel tank to the engine intake manifold. The solenoid attaches to a bracket near the steering gear.