Neon, 2000-2005



Do not remove the strut shaft nut while strut assembly is installed in vehicle, or before the coil spring is compressed with a compression tool. The spring is held under high pressure.

Only frame contact hoisting equipment can be used on this vehicle. All vehicles have a fully independent rear suspension. The vehicles cannot be hoisted using equipment designed to lift a vehicle by the rear axle. If this type of hoisting equipment is used, damage to rear suspension components will occur.

At no time when servicing a vehicle can a sheet metal screw, bolt, or other metal fastener be installed in the shock tower to take the place of an original plastic clip. It may come into contact with the strut or coil spring.

Wheel bearing damage will result if after loosening the hub nut, the vehicle is rolled on the ground or the weight of the vehicle is allowed to be supported by the tires for a length of time.