Neon, 2000-2005

Steering Knuckle


Removal & Installation

  1. Remove the cotter pin, lock nut and spring washer. Discard the cotter pin.
    The wheel bearing will be damaged if after loosening the hub nut, the vehicle is rolled on the ground or the weight of the vehicle is allowed to be supported by the tires.

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    Fig. Remove and discard the cotter pin, then remove the lock nut and washer

    Remove and discard the cotter pin, then remove the lock nut and washer
  3. With the vehicle still on the ground and the brakes applied, loosen the hub nut. The hub and halfshaft are splined together through the knuckle (bearing) and retained by the hub nut.
  5. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  7. Remove the front wheel and tire assembly.
  9. Unfasten the brake caliper-to-steering knuckle attaching bolts.
    1. On SRT-4 vehicles the disc brake caliper and adapter is removed together as an assembly.
    3. On non-SRT-4 vehicles remove the caliper from the steering knuckle. The caliper is removed by first lifting the bottom of the caliper away from the knuckle, then removing the top of the caliper out from under the steering knuckle.

  11. Support the caliper from the strut using a suitable piece of wire. Do NOT allow the caliper to hang by the brake hose.
  13. Remove the rotor from the front hub and bearing assembly.
  15. Remove the nut attaching the outer tie rod end to the steering knuckle. The nut can be removed as follows:
    1. Hold the tie rod end stud with an 11 / 32 inch socket while loosening and removing the nut with a wrench.

  17. Separate the tie rod end from the steering knuckle using a side puller.
  19. Remove the nut and bolt, clamping the ball joint stud, from the steering knuckle.
  21. Separate the ball joint stud from the steering knuckle by prying down on the lower control arm. Be careful when separating the ball joint stud from the steering knuckle, so the ball joint seal does not get cut.
    Be sure not to separate the inner CV-joint during this operation. Do not let the halfshaft hang by the inner CV-joint, the halfshaft MUST be supported.

  23. Pull the steering knuckle out and away from the outer CV-joint.