Neon, 2000 - 2005

State Display Switch Test Mode


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The PCM switch inputs have two recognized states: they are either in a HIGH or LOW state. Because these inputs are either high or low, the PCM may not be able to detect the difference between when a switch is in a high or low state from when a switch has a circuit problem (i.e., when a circuit is open, grounded or shorted or even if the switch is defective).

If the scan tool State Display (meaning the Switch State) shows a change from HIGH to LOW; or from LOW to HIGH when the selected switch is activated, it can be assumed that the entire switch circuit to the PCM is functioning properly. The scan tool State Display Mode can be used to diagnose these codes:

Brake Switch: P0703
LDP Switch: P1494
P/N Switch: P1899
PSP Switch: P0551