Neon, 2000 - 2005

OBD II System Overview


The OBD II system was developed as a step toward compliance with California and Federal regulations that set standards for vehicle emission control monitoring for all automotive manufacturers. The primary goal of this system is to detect when the degradation or failure of a component or system will cause emissions to rise by 50%. Every manufacturer must meet OBD II standards by the 1996 model year. Some manufacturers began programs that were OBD II mandated as early as 1992, but most manufacturers began an OBD II phase-in period starting in 1994.

The changes to On-Board Diagnostics influenced by this new program include:

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Common Diagnostic Connector
Expanded Malfunction Indicator Light Operation
Common Trouble Code and Diagnostic Language
Common Diagnostic Procedures
New Emissions-Related Procedures, Logic and Sensors
Expanded Emissions-Related Monitoring