Neon, 2000 - 2005

DLC Features


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The DLC is rectangular in design. It can accept up to 16 terminals. The DLC in the graphic to the right shows many common pin designations, but does not represent any specific vehicle.

OBD II DaimlerChrysler vehicle will have power at pin 16, and ground at pins 4 and 5. All other pins vary by year and model. All applications use the SCI circuits, but the pin assignments vary. All vehicles will utilize either the PCI bus, or the CCD bus circuits.

Not all DaimlerChrysler vehicle DLCs are wired the same. Always use a wiring diagram when attempting to diagnose these circuits.

Both the DLC and Scan Tool have latching features that ensure that the Scan Tool will remain connected to the vehicle during operation.

Common uses of the Scan Tool while connected to the DLC include:

Display the results of the most current I/M Readiness Tests
Read and clear any diagnostic trouble codes
Read the Serial Data from the PCM
Perform Enhanced Diagnostic Tests (System Tests or Actuator Tests)