Neon, 2000 - 2005

Other Diagnosis & Testing


Vehicle Does Not Fill

Test Chart

Pre-Mature Nozzle Shut-OffDefective fuel tank assembly components.Fill tube improperly installed (sump)
Fill tube hose pinched.
Check valve stuck shut.
Control valve stuck shut.
Defective vapor/vent components.Vent line from control valve to canister pinched.
Vent line from canister to vent filter pinched.
Canister vent valve failure (requires double failure, plugged to NVLD and atmosphere).
Leak detection pump failed closed.
Leak detection pump filter plugged.
On-Board diagnostics evaporative system leak test just conducted.Canister vent valve vent plugged to atmosphere.
Engine still running when attempting to fill (System designed not to fill).
Defective fill nozzle.Try another nozzle.
Fuel Spits Out Of Filler Tube.During fill.See Pre-Mature Shut-Off.
  At conclusion of fill.Defective fuel handling component. (Check valve stuck open).
Defective vapor/vent handling component.
Defective fill nozzle.