Nissan 240SX/Altima 1993-1998 Repair Guide

Center Bearing



See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: When installing a new center bearing, position the "F" mark toward the front of the vehicle

The center bearing is a sealed unit, which must be replaced as an assembly if defective.

  1. Remove the driveshaft assembly.
  3. Matchmark the flanges behind the center yoke for installation reference.
  5. Matchmark the front driveshaft with the mark made on the flanges.
  7. Remove the bolts and separate the shafts.
  9. Devise a way to hold the driveshaft while unbolting the companion flange from the front driveshaft. Do not place the front driveshaft tube in a vise, because chances are it will get crushed. The best way is to grip the flange somehow while loosening the nut. It will require some strength to remove.
  11. Press the companion flange off the front driveshaft and press the center bearing from its mount.
  13. The new bearing is already lubricated. Install it into the mount, making sure that the seals and so on are facing the same way as when removed. Also make sure the "F" mark is facing the front of the vehicle.
  15. Slide the companion flange onto the front driveshaft, aligning the marks made during removal. Install the washer and locknut. If the washer and locknut are separate pieces, tighten them to 145-175 ft. lbs. (106-129 Nm). If the washer and locknut are one piece, tighten it to 180-217 ft. lbs. (132-160 Nm).
  17. Check that the bearing rotates freely around the driveshaft. Stake the nut (always use a new nut).
  19. Connect the companion flange to the other half of the driveshaft, aligning the matchmarks.
  21. Tighten the front flange bolts to 25-33 ft. lbs. (34-44 Nm) and the rear flange bolts to 41-48 ft. lbs. (55-65 Nm).
  23. Install the driveshaft.