Nissan Car 350Z & Maxima 1999-06

Lower Control Arms


Bushing Replacement

The bushing is an integral part of the lower control arm. If the bushing is defective the control arm must be replaced.

Removal & Installation

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.
  3. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  5. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Front wheels
    Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) wheel sensor and move it out of the way
    Wheel bearing locknut
    Tie rod from the steering knuckle
    Bolts attaching the strut to the steering knuckle. Matchmark the bolts before removal
    Halfshaft from the steering knuckle by lightly tapping the end of the shaft
    Steering knuckle and the lower ball joint
    Stabilizer bar from the lower control arm
    Bolts attaching the link bushing pin to the chassis
    Nut attaching the link to the control arm and the link, if necessary
    Bolts attaching the compression rod bushing clamp
    Lower control arm/traverse link


To install:

  1. Install or connect the following:

    Lower control arm and the compression rod bushing clamp into the vehicle
    Link bushing pin, if removed from the control arm

  3. Tighten all bolts and nuts until they are snug enough to support the weight of the vehicle but not fully tight, the bolts should be torqued to specification with the vehicle on the floor.
    Always use a new nut when installing the ball joint to the control arm.

    Steering knuckle to the strut and to the halfshaft
    Strut mounting bolts and torque the bolts to 103-117 ft. lbs. (140-159 Nm)
    Tie rod ball joint and torque the nut to 22-29 ft. lbs. (29-39 Nm) on 1999-02 models
    Wheel bearing locknut
    ABS wheel sensor and torque the bolt to 13-17 ft. lbs. (18-24 Nm)
    Front wheels, lower the vehicle and torque hub locknut to 174-231 ft. lbs. (235-314 Nm)

  5. Torque the bolts attaching the compression rod bushing clamp and the link bushing pin, in the proper sequence to 87-108 ft. lbs. (118-147 Nm).

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Bolt tightening sequence for the lower control arms-Maxima

  7. If the link bushing pin was removed from the control arm torque the attaching nut to 87-108 ft. lbs. (118-147 Nm).
  9. Torque the sway bar attaching nut to 30-35 ft. lbs. (41-47 Nm).
  11. Check the vehicle alignment.