Nissan Car 350Z & Maxima 1999-06

Instrument Panel, Pad, and Dashboard


Instrument Panel

Removal & Installation
  1. Remove the instrument panel by removing or disconnecting the following:

    Upper and lower glove box screws and remove the glove box
    Lower instrument panel screws and the panel at the driver-s side
    Knee protector screws and the knee protector
    Steering column cover screws and the cover
    Combination switch-to-steering column screws, disconnect the electrical connector and the combination switch
    Cluster lid -A- screws and the lid
    Combination meter screws, disconnect the electrical connectors and the combination meter
    Center ventilator with the switch panel using a suitable pry tool
    Cover plate (automatic transmission) or the shifter cover plate (manual transmission)
    Upper and lower audio/air conditioning control unit assembly screws and the assembly
    Console box screws and the console box (under the shifter cover plate); be sure to remove the rear screws
    Front pillar garnish
    Left and right lower cover and the center lower cover at the instrument panel dash
    Defroster grille
    Instrument panel-to-chassis nuts/bolts and the instrument panel

  3. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.