Nissan/Datsun 200SX/510/610/710/810/Maxima 1973-1984 Repair Guide



Front disc brakes are used on all Datsun/Nissans covered in this guide. All models are equipped with independent front and rear hydraulic systems with a warning light to indicate loss of pressure in either system. Most early models have rear drum brakes.

The 1980-81 200SX is equipped with rear disc brakes with the parking brake system activating the main brake pads via a mechanical lever assembly. All models have a vacuum booster system to lessen the required pedal pressure. The parking brake on all models operates the rear brakes through a cable system.

Only certain types of drum brakes require adjustment. Some drum brakes are automatically adjusted when the parking brake is applied. No disc brakes need adjustment. They are self adjusting.

To adjust the brakes, raise the wheels, disconnect the parking brake linkage from the rear wheels, apply the brakes hard a few times to center the drums, and proceed as follows:


Bolt Type Adjuster

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Fig. Fig. 1 Adjust the rear brakes where shown-710

Turn the adjuster bolt on the backing plate until the wheel can no longer be turned, then back off until the wheel is free of drag. Repeat the procedure on the other adjuster bolt on the same wheel. Some models may have only one adjuster bolt per wheel.

Some models incorporate a click arrangement with the bolt adjuster. The adjustment proceeds in clicks or notches. The wheel will often be locked temporarily as the adjuster passes over the center for each click. Thus, the adjuster is alternately hard and easy to turn. When the wheel is fully locked, back off 1-3 clicks.

Toothed Adjusting Nut

Remove the rubber cover from the backing plate. Align the hole in the brake backing plate with the adjusting nut. To spread the brake shoes, turn the toothed adjusting nut with a tool. Stop turning when a considerable drag is felt. Back off the nut a few notches so that the correct clearance is reached between the brake drum and the brake shoes. Make sure that the wheel rotates freely.

Automatic Adjusters

No manual adjustment is necessary. The self-adjuster operates whenever the hand or foot brakes (on some models) are used.

After Adjustment

After adjusting the brakes, reconnect the handbrake linkage. Make sure that there is no rear wheel drag with the handbrake released. Loosen the handbrake adjustment if necessary.


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Fig. Fig. 2 Adjust the brake pedal within the specifications shown-all models similar

Before adjusting the pedal, make sure that the brakes are correctly adjusted. Adjust the pedal free-play by means of the adjustable pushrod or by replacing shims between the master cylinder and the brake booster or firewall. Free-play should be approximately 1-5mm on all models through 1984.

Adjust the pedal height by means of the adjustable pedal arm stop pad in the driver's compartment on models through 1984.

The pedal height (floorboard-to-pedal pad) should be approximately 152mm for all 510s and the 1980-81 200SX.

Pedal height should be about 165mm for the 1981-84 810/Maxima; 178mm for all 1977-79 200SX, 610s, 710s and the 1977-80 810.