Nissan/Datsun 200SX/510/610/710/810/Maxima 1973-1984 Repair Guide



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Fig. Fig. 1 Check the air gap as shown-1975-78 models

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Fig. Fig. 2 Adjust the air gap so that the dimension between the arrows is 0.30-0.50mm-1979-84 models, except Z20 engines

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Fig. Fig. 3 Adjust the air gap so that the dimension between the arrows is 0.30-0.50mm-1980-81 Z20 engines

The adjustment service consists of inspection of the distributor cap, rotor, and ignition wires, replacing when necessary. These parts can be expected to last for at least 40,000 miles (64,000 km). In addition, the reluctor air gap should be checked periodically.

  1. The distributor cap is held on by two clips. Release them with a screwdriver and lift the cap straight up and off, with the wires attached. Inspect the cap for cracks, carbon tracks, or a worn center contact. Replace it if necessary, transferring the wires one at a time from the old cap to the new.
  3. Pull the ignition rotor (not the spoked reluctor) straight up to remove. Replace it if its contacts are worn, burned, or pitted. Do not file the contacts. To replace, press it firmly onto the shaft. It only goes on one way, so be sure it is fully seated.
  5. Before replacing the ignition rotor, check the reluctor air gap. Use a non-magnetic feeler gauge. Rotate the engine until a reluctor spoke is aligned with the pick-up coil (either bump the engine around with the starter, or turn it with a wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt). The gap should measure 0.20-0.40mm through 1978, or 0.30-0.50mm for 1979 and later. Adjustment, if necessary, is made by loosening the pickup coil mounting screws and shifting the coil either closer to, or farther from the reluctor. On 1979 and later models, center the pickup coil (ring) around the reluctor. Tighten the screws and recheck the gap.
  7. Inspect the wires for cracks or brittleness. Replace them one at a time to prevent crosswiring, carefully pressing the replacement wires into place. The cores of electronic wires are more susceptible to breakage than those of standard wires, so treat them gently.

On models that use IC ignition unit and no pickup coil measure the air gap between the reluctor and stator. If not within specifications (0.30-0.50mm), loosen the stator retaining screws and adjust.