Nissan/Datsun 200SX/510/610/710/810/Maxima 1973-1984 Repair Guide

Electric Fuel Pump



External Mount Electric Pump

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Fig. Fig. 1 Some fuel pumps are mounted inline ...

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Fig. Fig. 2 ... while others are mounted at the front of the tank

  1. Before disconnecting the fuel lines or any of the fuel system components, refer to Fuel Pressure Release procedures and release the fuel pressure.
  3. Disconnect the electrical harness connector at the pump. The 810/Maxima (rear wheel drive) pump is located near the fuel tank. The 200SX pump is located near the center of the car.
  5. Clamp the hose between the fuel tank and the pump to prevent gas from spewing out from the tank.
  7. Remove the inlet and outlet hoses at the pump. Unclamp the inlet hose and allow the fuel lines to drain into a suitable container.
  9. Unbolt and remove the pump. The 200SX pump and fuel damper can be removed at the same time.

To install:

  1. Install the fuel pump in the correct position. Reconnect all hoses. Use new clamps and be sure all hoses are properly seated on the fuel pump body.
  3. Reconnect the electrical harness connector at the pump. Start engine and check for fuel leaks.


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Fig. Fig. 3 Install a pressure gauge as shown

  1. Release the fuel pressure. Connect a fuel pressure gauge between the fuel filter outlet and fuel feed pipe.
  3. Start the engine and read the pressure. All models should have 30 psi at idle, and 37 psi at the moment the accelerator pedal is fully depressed.

Make sure that the fuel filter is not blocked before replacing any fuel system components.

  1. If pressure is not as specified, replace the pressure regulator and repeat the test. If the pressure is still incorrect, check for clogged or deformed fuel lines, then replace the fuel pump.