Nissan/Datsun 200SX/510/610/710/810/Maxima 1973-1984 Repair Guide

Brake Drums



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Fig. Fig. 1 Exploded view of the rear drum brake assembly-610 and 710

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Fig. Fig. 2 Exploded view of the rear drum brake assembly-510 shown, 810 and 200SX similar

  1. Raise the rear of the vehicle and support it on jackstands.
  3. Remove the wheels.
  5. Release the parking brake.
  7. Pull off the brake drums. On some models there are two threaded service holes in each brake drum. If the drum will not come off, fit two correct size bolts in the service holes and screw them in: this will force the drum away from the axle.
  9. If the drum cannot be easily removed, back off the brake adjustment.

Never depress the brake pedal while the brake drum is removed.

  1. Installation is the reverse of removal.


After removing the brake drum, wipe out the accumulated dust with a damp cloth.

Do not blow the brake dust out of the drums with compressed air or lung power. Brake linings may contain asbestos, a known cancer causing substance. Dispose of the cloth after use.

Inspect the drum for cracks, deep grooves, roughness, scoring, or out-of-roundness. Replace any brake drum which is cracked.

Smooth any slight scores by polishing the friction surface with the fine emery cloth or have the drum machined (trued) at a machine shop. Heavy or extensive scoring will cause excessive brake lining wear and should be removed from the brake drum through resurfacing.