Nissan Maxima 1993-1998 Repair Guide

Bleeding the ABS System



Carefully monitor the brake fluid level in the master cylinder at all times during the bleeding procedure. Keep the reservoir full at all times.
Only use brake fluid that meets or exceeds DOT 3 specifications.
Place a suitable container under the master cylinder to avoid spillage of brake fluid.
Do not allow brake fluid to come in contact with any painted surface. Brake fluid makes excellent paint remover.
Make sure to use the proper bleeding sequence.


  1. Turn the ignition switch OFF and unplug the electrical connectors from the ABS actuator.
  3. Clean all dirt from around the master cylinder reservoir caps. Remove the caps and fill the master cylinder to the proper level with clean, fresh brake fluid meeting DOT 3 specifications.

Brake fluid picks up moisture from the air, which reduces its effectiveness and causes brake line corrosion. Don't leave the master cylinder or the fluid container open any longer than necessary. Be careful not to spill brake fluid on painted surfaces. Wipe up any spilled fluid immediately and rinse the area with clear water.

  1. Clean all the bleeder screws. You may want to give each one a shot of penetrating solvent to loosen it. Seizure is a common problem with bleeder screws, which then break off, sometimes requiring replacement of the part to which they are attached.
  3. Attach a length of clear vinyl tubing to the bleeder screw on the left rear wheel cylinder or caliper (right rear on 1995-98 models). Insert the other end of the tube into a clear, clean jar 1 / 2 filled with brake fluid.
  5. Have your helper SLOWLY depress the brake pedal. As this is done, open the bleeder (follow the correct bleeding order) screw 1 / 31 / 2 of a turn, and allow the fluid to run through the tube. Close the bleeder screw before the pedal reaches the end of its travel. Have your assistant slowly release the pedal. Repeat this process until no air bubbles appear in the expelled fluid.
  7. Repeat the procedure on the other wheels in the following order:

1993-94 models:
    1. Right front caliper
    3. Right rear wheel cylinder or caliper
    5. Left front caliper

1995-98 models:
    1. Left front caliper
    3. Left rear wheel cylinder or caliper
    5. Right front caliper

  1. Be sure to check the fluid level in the master cylinder reservoirs often. Do not allow the reservoirs to run dry or the bleeding process will have to be repeated.