Nissan Maxima 1993-1998 Repair Guide

Combination Switch



See Figure 1

The air bag system (SRS or SIR) must be disarmed before removing the combination switch. Failure to do so may cause accidental deployment, property damage, or personal injury.

  1. Disarm the air bag, if equipped and disconnect the battery ground cable.
  3. Remove the steering wheel. Remove the spiral cable from the steering column, if equipped.
  5. Remove the steering column covers.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the combination switch assembly

At this point, the individual switch assemblies can be removed without removing the combination switch base assembly. To service an individual switch/stalk assembly, disconnect the electrical lead and remove the two stalk-to-base mounting screws. If the switch base must be removed, proceed with the remainder of the removal procedure.

  1. Disconnect the electrical plugs from the switch.
  3. Remove the retaining screws, push down on the base of the switch with moderate pressure and twist the switch and pull it from the steering wheel shaft.

To install:
  1. Install the remaining components in the reverse order of removal.
  3. Check the switch functions for proper operation. Many vehicles have turn signal switches that have a tab which must fit into a hole in the steering shaft. This fit is necessary in order for the system to return the switch to the neutral position after the turn has been made. Be sure to align the tab and the hole when installing the combination switch. Be sure to align the spiral cable.