Nissan Pathfinder 1996-05

Mechanical (Belt Driven) Fan


Removal & Installation

3.3L & 3.5L Engines

Do not release the drive belt tension by removing the fan pulley. The fan coupling cannot be disassembled and should be replaced as a unit. If front mark -F- is present, install fan so that side marked -F- faces the front.

  1. Install the drive belt only after the fan and fan coupling to fan pulley bracket flange bolts/nuts have been properly torqued.
  3. Check fan coupling for rough operation, wobbling, oil leakage or bent bimetal.
  5. After assembly, verify the fan does not wobble or flap while the engine is running.
    When the engine is running, keep hands and clothing away from moving parts such as drive belts and fan.

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    Fig. Exploded view of the cooling fan, fan coupling and related components-3.3L and 3.5L engines

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    Fig. Checking the fan coupling