Nissan Pick-ups and Pathfinder 1970-1988




  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Disconnect the shaft from the accelerator linkage.
  5. Raise the truck and support it safely on floor stands.
  7. Matchmark the U-joint and differential flange and disconnect them. Remove the center bearing mounting bolts, then remove the driveshaft. Plug the transmission extension housing.
  9. Disconnect the exhaust pipe from the manifold and discard the gasket. Use a new gasket upon assembly. On trucks with a catalytic converter, disconnect the exhaust pipe bracket.
  11. Disconnect the shift linkage at the transmission.
  13. Disconnect the neutral safety (inhibitor) switch wires. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the diaphragm, and the wire from the downshift solenoid. Disconnect the speedometer cable from the extension housing.
  15. Remove the fluid filler tube.
  17. Disconnect the fluid cooler lines at the transmission. Use a flare nut wrench if one is available.
  19. Support the engine with a jack under the oil pan, placing a wooden block between the pan and the jack as a buffer. Also support the transmission with a jack.
  21. Remove the torque converter cover. Matchmark the converter and the drive plate for reassembly; they were balanced as a unit at the factory. Remove the bolts attaching the converter to the drive plate (flywheel). You will have to rotate the engine to do this, using a wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt.
  23. Remove the bolts for the rear engine mount and the crossmember. Remove the crossmember.
  25. Remove the starter.
  27. Remove the transmission-to-engine bolts. Lower the transmission back and down, out from under the truck.

To install:
  1. Before installing the transmission, check the drive plate runout with a dial indicator. Turn the crankshaft one full turn. Maximum allowable runout is 0.012 in. (0.3mm). Replace the drive plate if runout exceeds 0.5mm; otherwise, reface it.
  3. After connecting the torque converter to the transmission, lay a straight-edge across the face of the transmission and measure the distance from the top of the mounting bolt to the straight-edge. It should be at least 1.38 in. (35mm) on all transmissions except the RE4R01A, where it should be at least 1.02 in. (26mm).
  5. When installing the torque converter, be sure to line up the notch in the converter with the projection on the oil pump. Align the marks made during removal and bolt the converter to the drive plate, tightening the bolts to 29-36 ft. lbs. (39-49 Nm). Then rotate the engine a few turns to make sure the transmission rotates freely without binding. The engine-to-transmission bolt torque is 29-36 ft. lbs. (39-49 Nm). Adjust the shift linkage and neutral safety switches and check the transmission fluid level.