Nissan Pick-ups and Pathfinder 1970-1988

Chassis Greasing


See Figures 1 and 2

Complete chassis greasing should include an inspection of all rubber suspension bushings, lubrication of all body hinges, as well as proper greasing of the front suspension upper and lower ball joints and control arm bushings. To provide correct operation, the chassis should be greased every 6 months or 6000 miles (9600 km) on 1970-78 trucks. The 1979-88 trucks should be greased every 7500 miles (12,000 km).

If you wish to perform this operation yourself you should purchase a cartridge type grease gun and several cartridges of multipurpose lithium base grease. You will also need to purchase grease fittings from your Nissan dealer, as certain front end components are fitted with screw-in plugs to prevent entry of foreign material.

Remove the plug and install the grease fitting (if necessary). Push the nozzle of the grease gun down firmly onto the fitting and while applying pressure, force the new grease into the boot. Force sufficient grease into the fitting to cause the old grease to be expelled. When this has been accomplished, remove the fitting and replace the plug. Follow this procedure on each front suspension lubrication point.

Certain models have a two piece driveshaft which must be greased at the same 6 month/7,500 mile interval. The driveshaft is equipped with a grease fitting, located on the shaft just behind the center support bearing. Simply wipe off the fitting and pump in two or three shots of grease. There is no built in escape hole for the old grease to exit, so don't keep pumping in grease until the seal gives way.

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Fig. Fig. 1: View of grease fitting on tie rod end

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Fig. Fig. 2: View of grease fitting on idler arm


On models so equipped, apply a small amount of chassis grease to the pivot points of the transmission and clutch linkage as per the chassis lubrication diagram.


On models so equipped, apply a small amount of 10W engine oil to the kickdown and shift linkage at the pivot points.


At yearly intervals or whenever binding is noticeable in the parking brake linkage, lubricate the cable guides, levers and linkage with a suitable chassis grease.