Nissan Pick-ups and Pathfinder 1970-1988

Tension Rod and Stabilizer Bar



2wd Models Only
  1. With the truck resting on its wheels, remove the underpan.
  3. If the tension rod installation is correct, the white painted marks on the stabilizer bar, at the bushings, should be visible.
  5. The tension bar and stabilizer bar can be unbolted and removed with the vehicle supported on jackstands.

To install:
  1. Position the component and tighten the nuts and bolts. Tighten the stabilizer bar through-bolt and the bar bushing clamp bolts to 12-16 ft. lbs. (16-22 Nm). Tighten the tension rod-to-lower link bolts to 36-47 ft. lbs. (49-64 Nm); and the tension rod-to-frame anchor nut to 87-116 ft. lbs. (118-157 Nm). Replace the bushings whenever the parts are changed. Replace any bushing that appears dry, cracked or compressed.
  3. Check the stabilizer bar with the truck on its wheels to see if both white painted marks on the stabilizer bar are visible at the bushings.