Nissan Pick-ups and Pathfinder 1989-1995

Filling and Bleeding


The brake fluid reservoir is located on top of the master cylinder. While no special procedures are needed to fill the fluid, the reservoir cap and surrounding area must be wiped clean of all dirt and debris before removing the cap. The slightest amount of dirt in the fluid can cause a system malfunction. Use only fresh DOT 3 fluid from a sealed container. Use of old, polluted or non-approved fluid can seriously impair the function of the system.

Bleeding is performed using the 2-person manual method with the battery cable disconnected. The system or any wheel must be bled with the ignition OFF and the connector at the hydraulic actuator disengaged. After all wheels have been bled, bleed the hydraulic actuator using the same procedure as the wheels. Tighten each wheel bleeder plug to 6 ft. lbs. (8 Nm).

If the master cylinder has been repaired or if the reservoir has been emptied, the master cylinder must be bled before the individual lines or wheels. During any bleeding procedure, make certain to maintain the fluid level above the MIN line on the reservoir. When the bleeding procedure is complete, fill the reservoir to the MAX line before reinstalling the cap.

For all vehicles with rear anti-lock systems, bleed the wheels in this order: left rear, right rear, left front, right front, R-ABS actuator.