Nissan Sentra/Pulsar/NX 1982-1996 Repair Guide

Expansion Valve



  1. The expansion valve on all models is in the same housing as the evaporator inside the vehicle. The evaporator, which is between the blower and the heater, can be removed without removing the heater core. Properly discharge the system using approved recovery/recycling equipment, then disconnect and plug the evaporator line fittings at the firewall.
  3. The blower motor and its housing must be removed first. Removing the glove compartment makes this easier. On some vehicles, the expansion valve can be accessed once the blower housing is removed.
  5. It may be necessary to cut a section from the dash board behind the glove compartment to remove the evaporator. This piece cannot be reinstalled.
  7. Installation is the reverse of removal. Make sure the seals between the housings are in good condition, and replace as necessary. Always use new O-rings coated with clean refrigerant oil on the line fittings.