Nissan Sentra/Pulsar/NX 1982-1996 Repair Guide

Special Precautions


  1. All refrigerant service work must be done with the proper recycling equipment. Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for use of that equipment. Do not allow the refrigerant to discharge into the air.
  3. Any amount of water will make the system less effective. When any part of the system has been removed, plug or cap the lines to prevent moisture from entering the system. When installing a new component, do not uncap the fittings until ready to attach the lines.
  5. When assembling a fitting, always use a new O-ring and lightly lubricate the fitting with compressor oil.
  7. When a compressor is removed, do not leave it on its side or upside down for more than a couple minutes. The oil may leak into the low pressure chamber.
  9. The proper amount of oil must be maintained in the system to prevent compressor damage and to maintain system efficiency. Be sure to measure and adjust the amount of oil removed or added to the system, especially when replacing the compressor.