Nissan Sentra/Pulsar/NX 1982-1996 Repair Guide

Ignition Module



1982-86 Models

The ignition module will actually be an IC ignition unit, or crank angle sensor, depending on the type of distributor. In either case, the distributor cap must be removed.

To replace the crank angle sensor on non-reluctor type distributors, refer to Emission Controls .

  1. Remove the distributor cap, by releasing the two clips or unfastening the two screws with a screwdriver, then lift the cap straight up and off, with the wires attached.
  3. Pull the ignition rotor (not the spoked reluctor, if so equipped) straight up to remove.

Performing this repair requires working with small parts in a confined space. Look the job over. It may be better to remove the distributor, as described just below, in order to make it easier to complete the work without losing any parts.

  1. To replace the IC ignition unit on reluctor type distributors:
    1. First use two small, dull prying devices to work the reluctor off the distributor shaft. Pry evenly and simultaneously to do this. Make sure to catch the roll pin and save it with the reluctor.
    3. Note their routing and then unplug the two electrical connectors for the ignitor unit. Pull the grommet out of the side of the distributor for additional working space and to keep the wires out of the way.
    5. Remove the mounting screws, then remove the ignitor and two spacers.

  3. Install in the reverse order. Make sure to install the reluctor roll pin so as to hold the reluctor in the proper position relative to the distributor shaft.

1987-96 Models

The 1987-93 ignition module (crank angle sensor) is an integral part of the distributor assembly. 1994-96 models utilize a camshaft position sensor to perform a similar function. These components are not serviceable separately. If a component is found defective, replace the entire distributor assembly.