Nissan Stanza/200SX/240SX 1982-1992 Repair Guide

Flywheel and Ring Gear



The clutch cover and the pressure plate are balanced as an assembly; if replacement of either part becomes necessary, replace both parts as an assembly.

See exploded view of engine assembly for flywheel/drive plate installation and quick torque reference.

  1. On manual transmission/transaxle applications, refer to the "Clutch Removal and Installation" procedures in Drive Train and remove the clutch assembly. On automatic transmission/transaxle applications, remove the automatic transmission/transaxle assembly from the vehicle-refer to the necessary service procedures in section 7.
  3. Remove the flywheel/drive plate-to-crankshaft bolts and the flywheel/driveplate.

If necessary the clutch disc should be inspected and/or replaced at this time; the clutch lining wear limit is 0.30mm above the rivet heads or equivalent specification.

  1. To install, reverse the removal procedures. Torque the flywheel-to crankshaft bolts to specifications, the clutch cover-to-flywheel bolts and the bearing housing-to-clutch housing bolts to specifications on manual transmission/transaxle applications. On automatic transmission/transaxle applications, torque the driveplate-to crankshaft bolts to specifications, install torque converter then the transmission assembly. Refer to the Torque Specification Chart and section 7 service procedures.