Nissan Stanza/200SX/240SX 1982-1992 Repair Guide

Rocker Arm Cover



  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove or disconnect any electrical lines, hoses or tubes which may interfere with the removal procedures.

It may be necessary to remove the air cleaner (carburetor models) or the air duct (EFI and turbo models).

  1. Remove the rocker arm cover-to-cylinder head mounting screws , then lift the cover from the cylinder head.
  3. Using a scraper or equivalent, clean the gasket mounting surfaces.
  5. To install, use a NEW gasket and/or RTV sealant, then position the rocker arm cover in place. Torque the cover bolts-to-cylinder head EVENLY (working from the center to the end of the cover) to 5-8 ft. lbs. on Z series engine, 2-4 ft. lbs. on C and V series engines and 5-7 ft. lbs. on K series engines.

When using RTV sealant apply a even bead and make sure the surface that you are working on is very clean before applying sealer.