Nissan Stanza/200SX/240SX 1982-1992 Repair Guide

Manual Steering Gear



See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Steering system - 1985 Stanza

  1. Raise and support the car on jackstands.
  3. Using the Ball Joint Remover tool HT72520000 or equivalent, remove tie rod end from the steering knuckle.
  5. Loosen, but do not remove, the steering gear mounting bolts.
  7. Matchmark and remove the steering column lower joint.
  9. Unbolt and remove the steering gear assembly.

To install:
  1. Position and install the steering gear assembly to the vehicle. Torque the tie rod-to-steering knuckle nut to specifications. The outer tie rod end-to-steering knuckle torque specification is 40-72 ft. lbs. on the 200SX model and 22-29 ft. lbs. on all Stanza models. Torque the steering gear-to-frame clamp bolts EVENLY in steps, to 43-58 ft. lbs. on Stanza and 33-44 ft. lbs. on 200SX. Torque the lower joint-to-steering gear bolt to 23-31 ft. lbs. on all models.

When installing the lower steering joint to the steering gear, make sure that the wheels are aligned straight and the steering joint slot is aligned with the steering gear cap or spacer mark. Check front end alignment if necessary.