Nissan Stanza/200SX/240SX 1982-1992 Repair Guide

Steering Wheel



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Fig. Fig. 1: Removing the steering wheel

  1. Position the wheels in the straight ahead direction. The steering wheel should be right side up and level.
  3. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  5. Look at the back of your steering wheel. If there are countersunk screws in the back of the spokes, remove the screws and pull of the horn pad. Some models have a horn wire running from the pad to the steering wheel. Disconnect it. There are other types of horn buttons or rings. The first simply pulls off. The second, which is usually a large, semi-triangular pad, must be pushed up, then pulled off. The third must be pushed in and turned clockwise.

On newer models, if it is hard to pull out horn pad, temporarily loosen fixing screw (behind back of steering wheel) of horn pad retaining spring.

  1. Remove the rest of the horn switching mechanism, noting the relative location of the parts. Remove the mechanism only if it hinders subsequent wheel removal procedures.
  3. Matchmark the top of the steering column shaft and the steering wheel flange.
  5. Remove the attaching nut and remove the steering wheel with a suitable puller.

Do not strike the shaft with a hammer, which may cause the column to collapse.

  1. Install the steering wheel in the reverse order of removal, aligning the punch marks. Coat the entire surface of the turn signal canceling pin and the horn contact slip ring with multipurpose grease. Do not drive or hammer the wheel into place, or you may cause the collapsible steering column to collapse, in which case you'll have to buy a whole new steering column unit.
  3. Torque the steering wheel nut to specifications. Reinstall the horn button, pad, or ring. Check system for proper operation.

Steering wheel retaining nut torque specification:

1982-83 200SX-28-36 ft. lbs.
1982-86 Stanza-27-38 ft. lbs.
1984-88 200SX and 1987-92 Stanza-22-29 ft. lbs.
1989-92 240SX-22-29 ft. lbs.