Nissan Titan 2004-06

Removal & Installation


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Fig. Exploded view of steering column and components-Column shift model

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Fig. Exploded view of steering column and components-Floor shift model

Care must be taken not to give axial impact to steering column assembly during removal and installation. Care must be taken not to move steering gear during removal of steering column assembly.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Set the front wheels in the straight-ahead position.
  5. Disconnect or remove the following:

    Spiral cable from steering column assembly with combination switches attached
    Tilt lever knob from tilt lever by inserting a suitable tool into slot of tilt lever knob, then depress tab and withdraw tilt lever knob
    Lower driver instrument panel
    Steering column cover and ignition key finisher
    Knee protector screws, then remove knee protector from vehicle
    On models equipped with column shift, shift cable from steering column
    Lock nut and bolt, then separate lower joint from upper Joint
    Steering member nuts, then remove steering column assembly from steering member
    Hole cover seal and clamp
    Nuts, then remove hole cover from dash panel
    Raise vehicle, then bolt (lower side) of lower joint and lower joint from vehicle

  7. Check for damage to steering column jacket tube. If damage is found, replace steering column with new one.
  9. Check for proper lubrication, apply grease as necessary.

To install:

When installing the steering column, finger-tighten all of the lower bracket and joint retaining bolts; then tighten them to specification. Do not apply undue stress to the steering column.

Align slit of the coupling joint with projection on dust cover. Insert the joint until surface A contacts surface B.

  1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Do not use non re-useable parts.
  3. When installing steering column to steering member, install nut from front side of vehicle.
  5. After installation, turn steering wheel to make sure it moves smoothly. Ensure the number of turns are the same from the straight-forward position to left and right locks. Be sure that the steering wheel is in a neutral position when driving straight ahead.