Nissan Z - ZX 1970-1988 Repair Guide




1970-78 Models

The rear drum brakes are equipped with automatic adjusters actuated by the parking brake mechanism. No periodic adjustment of the drum brakes is necessary if this mechanism is working properly. If the brake shoe to drum clearance is incorrect, applying and releasing the parking brake a few times does not adjust it properly, the parts will have to be disassembled for repair.


All disc brakes are inherently self-adjusting. No periodic adjustment is either necessary or possible.


1970-78 Models

See Figure 1

  1. Loosen the locknut and turn the pushrod clevis to get a pedal height of 8 in. (203mm). If necessary, loosen the locknut and adjust the pedal stop back and out of the way, so that it has no effect on pedal height. Tighten the pushrod locknut.
  3. Adjust the stop back until its height is 8 in. (203mm). Tighten the stop locknut.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Pedal height adjustment-1970-78 models

  1. Check the stop lamp switch to ensure that the end surface of the installation screw is flush with the bracket. The lamp should go on when the pedal is depressed 0.6 in. (15mm) and should go off when the pedal is released.

1979-88 Models

Pedal height is adjusted with the brake light switch and the pushrod.

  1. Measure the pedal height from the floorboard (beneath the mat) to the front of the brake pedal.

    For 1979-82 models, the distance should be 7.0-7.2 in. (181-187mm)
    For 1983 models, the distance should be 6.9-7.2 in. (177-187mm)
    For 1984-88 models with a manual transmission, the distance should be 7-7.4 in. (182-192mm)
    For 1984-88 models with an automatic transmission, the distance should be 7.1-7.5 in. (184-194mm)

  3. If the pedal height is incorrect, loosen the brake light switch locknut and turn the body of the switch to screw it in or out. When the pedal height is correct, tighten the locknut.
  5. In some cases, the switch adjustment will not have enough range. In this case, loosen the pushrod locknut and adjust the pedal height by turning the pushrod. Tighten the locknut after adjustment.
  7. Check the operation of the brake lights after all adjustments are complete.