Nissan Z - ZX 1970-1988 Repair Guide

Flywheel/Drive Plate and Ring Gear


Always use new bolts when installing the flywheel/drive plate. On vehicles equipped with a manual transmission, inspect the clutch shaft pilot bushing in the crankshaft. If the bushing is excessively worn, remove it with an expanding puller and a slide hammer, then tap a new bushing into place.


See Figure 1

  1. Refer to the Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission removal and installation procedures in Drive Train , then remove the transmission from the engine.

Before removing the pressure plate from the flywheel (or torque converter from the drive plate), be sure to mark the relationship to one another.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Installing a disc pilot tool

  1. If equipped with a manual transmission, perform the following:
    1. Using the Clutch Disc Alignment tool No. KV30100100 (except VG) or ST20600000 (VG), support the clutch assembly.
    3. Loosen the pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts, evenly, a little at a time, in a crisscross fashion, until the spring pressure is released.
    5. Remove the pressure plate, clutch disc and the alignment tool.

  3. If equipped with an automatic transmission, perform the following:
    1. Remove the torque converter cover plate.
    3. Remove the torque converter-to-drive plate bolts.
    5. S