Nissan Z - ZX 1970-1988 Repair Guide



There are three types of rear axle shafts found on the 1970-88 Z and ZX. They are the Cardan axle used on 1970-83 models, the Tripod axle found on 1982-88 models with turbo equipped engines and the Double Offset-Birfield axle used on 1984-88 models with no turbo on the engine.

The Cardan type rear axle shaft employs two styles of differential mounts: Side Flange (M/T model) used with a R200 differential and Side Yoke (A/T model) used with a R180 differential.

During 1970-83, two types of differentials are used: R180 model used with an automatic transmission and R200 model used with a manual transmission. The 1984 and later models use an R200 differential only.