PT Cruiser 2006-2007

Exhaust Gas Recirculation System


EGR Valve Position Sensor


The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve consists of 3 major components:

The pintle, valve seat, and housing which contains and regulates the gas flow
The armature, return spring, and solenoid coil to provide the operating force to regulate the flow by changing the pintle position. The solenoid coil assembly is in parallel with a diode and connects to the 2 connectors in the connector assembly
The third major component senses pintle position and is connected to the 3 connectors in the electrical connector.

The EGR flow is determined by the engine controller. For a given set of conditions, the engine controller knows the ideal EGR flow to optimize NOx and fuel economy as a function of the pintle position. Pintle position is obtained from the position sensor. The engine controller adjusts the duty cycle of 128 Hz power supplied to the solenoid coil to obtain the correct position.