Pacifica 2006-2008

Manual Bleeding


Correct manual bleeding of the brakes hydraulic system will require the aid of a helper.

  1. Attach a clear plastic hose to the bleeder screw and feed the hose into a clear jar containing enough fresh brake fluid to submerge the end of the hose.
  3. Have a helper pump the brake pedal three or four times and hold it in the down position.
  5. With the pedal in the down position, open the bleeder screw at least one full turn.
    -Just cracking- the bleeder screw often restricts fluid flow, allowing only a slow, weak fluid discharge of fluid. This practice will NOT get all the air out. Make sure the bleeder is opened at least 1 full turn when bleeding.

  7. Once the brake pedal has dropped, close the bleeder screw. After the bleeder screw is closed, release the brake pedal.
  9. Repeat the above steps, four or five times, at each bleeder screw in the proper sequence. This should pass a sufficient amount of fluid to expel all the trapped air from the brake system. Monitor the fluid level in the master cylinder, to ensure that it stays at a proper level so air will not enter the brake system.
  11. Check and adjust brake fluid level to the FULL mark.
  13. Check pedal travel. If pedal travel is excessive or has not been improved, enough fluid has not passed through the system to expel all the trapped air. Re-bleed the brakes as necessary.
  15. Test drive vehicle to be sure the brakes are operating correctly and that the pedal is correct.