Pacifica 2006-2008

Master Cylinder


  1. Clamp the master cylinder in a vise.
    Only clamp the master cylinder by its mounting flange. Do not clamp the piston rod, reservoir, seal or body.

  3. If needed, thread one adapter, tool 8822-2 or equivalent into each master cylinder outlet port. Tighten the adapters to 120 inch lbs. (14 Nm).
  5. Thread a bleeder tube, tool 8358-1, into each adapter, or each master cylinder outlet port. Tighten each tube 120 inch lbs. (14 Nm). Flex bleeder tubes and put the open ends into the fluid reservoir, as far down as possible to keep them below the fluid level.
    Be sure the open ends of the bleeder tubes stay below the surface of the brake fluid once the reservoir is filled to the proper level.

  7. Fill the reservoir with the proper grade and type brake fluid.
  9. Use a wooden dowel as a push rod and slowly depress the master cylinder pistons, then release pressure, allowing the pistons to return to released position. Repeat several times until all the air bubbles are expelled. Make sure the fluid level stays above the tips of the bleeder tubes in reservoir while bleeding.
  11. Remove the bleeder tubes from the master cylinder outlet ports, then plug the outlet ports and install the fill cap on the reservoir.
  13. Remove the master cylinder from the vise.
  15. Install the master cylinder on vehicle.