Pacifica 2006-2008

Wheel Bearings



This vehicle is equipped with permanently sealed front wheel bearings. There is no periodic lubrication or maintenance recommended for these units.

Removal & Installation

Replacement of front hub and bearing assembly can normally be done without having to remove steering knuckle from vehicle. In event that hub/bearing is frozen in steering knuckle and cannot be removed by hand, it will have to be pressed out of steering knuckle. Steering knuckle will then require removal before hub and bearing can be pressed out.

  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  3. Remove wheel mounting nuts, then tire and wheel assembly.
  5. Remove cotter pin , lock and spring washer from halfshaft stub shaft.
  7. With aid of a helper applying brakes to keep front hub from turning, remove hub nut and washer.

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    Fig. Hub assembly

  9. Access and remove front brake rotor.
  11. Disconnect vehicle wiring harness connector from wheel speed sensor connector.
  13. Unclip wheel speed sensor connector and routing clip from frame rail outer reinforcement.

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    Fig. Vehicle wiring harness connector, wheel speed sensor connector, and routing clip

  15. Remove screw fastening wheel speed sensor routing bracket to strut assembly.

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    Fig. Wheel speed sensor routing bracket, screw, and hub assembly

  17. Open routing clip at knuckle and remove wheel speed sensor cable.

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    Fig. View of routing cli