ParkAvenue 1997-1999

Air Bags (Supplemental Restraint System)


Specific to:

Buick Park Avenue 1996-1999

Oldsmobile Delta 88 1986-1988

This air bag system, referred to as the Inflatable Restraint (IR) system, was only used on pre-1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88/Eighty Eight models. The air bag is designed to deploy when the vehicle is involved in a front end collision of sufficient force, up to 30 degrees off center line of the vehicle. The steering column still continues to be collapsible, the same as vehicle without an air bag.

This system has an energy reserve, which can store a large enough electrical charge to deploy the air bag for a period of 15 seconds after the battery has been disconnected or damaged. This system must be disabled if any service is to be performed on the IR system or steering wheel assembly.

The system consists of a control module known as the Passenger Compartment Sensor/Diagnostic Module (PCSDM), a power supply module, Energy Reserve Module (ERM), steering wheel or inflator module, a coil assembly that assures electrical continuity to the inflator module as the steering wheel is turned, forward sensor, arming sensor, and an indicator lamp. Diagnostics are carried out by the Passenger Compartment Sensor/Diagnostic Module (PCSDM).

Specific to:

Buick Park Avenue 1998-1999

Oldsmobile Regency 1998

Some vehicles are equipped with an air bag system. The system must be disabled before performing service on or around system components, the steering column, instrument panel components, wiring and sensors. Failure to follow safety precautions and the disarming procedures could result in accidental air bag deployment, possible personal injury and unnecessary system repairs.