ParkAvenue 1997-1999

Crankshaft Damper (Balancer)


Removal & Installation

On some vehicles, the crankshaft damper is also referred to as the crankshaft balancer or crankshaft pulley.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. On 1986-90 vehicles, remove the serpentine belt.
  5. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  7. Right front tire and wheel assembly.
  9. Remove the right front engine splash shield.
  11. Remove the flywheel or torque converter cover.
  13. Use a suitable holding tool, as shown in the accompanying figure, on the flywheel to keep engine from rotating, then remove the bolt and washer from the damper.

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Fig. You must use the proper tool to hold the flywheel in place, in order to remove the damper bolt

  1. For 1986-90 vehicles, remove the balancer and the key.
  3. For 1991-99 vehicles, use a suitable crankshaft puller to remove the damper from the front of the engine. On 1993-99 vehicles, use 1 / 4 inch bolts to attach the puller to the damper, then screw in 1