ParkAvenue 1997-1999



Specific to:

Buick LeSabre 1986-1999

Buick Park Avenue 1996-1999

Oldsmobile 88 1992-1999

Oldsmobile Delta 88 1986-1988

Oldsmobile LSS 1996-1999

Pontiac Bonneville 1987-1999

All of the vehicles covered herein are equipped with a distributorless ignition system. The system consists of a coil pack, ignition module, crankshaft reluctor or interrupter ring(s), magnetic sensor and a computer control module (ECM or PCM, depending upon year of vehicle). Timing advance and retard are accomplished through the ECM with the Electronic Spark Timing (EST) and Electronic Spark Control (ESC) circuitry. No ignition timing adjustment is necessary or possible.

Specific to:

Buick Park Avenue 1998-1999

Oldsmobile Regency 1998

The ignition timing is not adjustable, and is set according to engine demand electronically. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) controls the ignition timing for all driving conditions.