ParkAvenue 1997-1999

Removal & Installation


The wheels of the vehicle must be straight-ahead and the steering column in the LOCK position before disconnecting the steering column or intermediate shaft from the steering gear. Failure to do so will cause the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) coil assembly in the steering column to become off-center, which will cause damage to the coil assembly.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions at the beginning of this section.
  3. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  5. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Both front tires
    Exhaust system
    Wheel house splash shield
    Intermediate shaft lower connection
    Tie rod ends from steering knuckles
    Power steering heat shield
    Electrical connector
    Power steering gear outlet and inlet hoses from steering gear
    Steering gear mounting bolts

  7. Support the rear the of frame.
  9. Remove the rear frame bolts, and lower the rear the of frame to allow steering gear removal.
  11. Remove the steering gear through the right wheel opening.

To install

  1. Install or connect the following:

    Steering gear through right wheel opening

  3. Raise the rear the of frame and torque the frame bolts to 142 ft. lbs. (192 Nm).
  5. Install three steering gear mounting bolts. Tighten bolts in the sequence shown to 48 ft. lbs. (65 Nm).

    Click image to see an enlarged view

    Fig. Torque sequence for steering gear mounting bolts-Park Avenue models

  7. Install or connect the following:

    Power steering gear outlet and inlet hoses. Torque the hose connections to 20 ft. lbs. (27 Nm).
    Electrical connector
    Steering gear heat shield
    Tie rod ends to steering knuckles. Torque the tie rod end nuts to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
    Cotter pin. Tighten the nut up to 52 ft. lbs. (70 Nm) max to align cotter pin slot.
    Intermediate shaft lower connection. Torque the bolt to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
    Exhaust system. Torque the bolts to 18 ft. lbs. (25 Nm).
    Wheelhouse splash shield
    Tires. Torque the lug nuts to 100 ft. lbs. (140 Nm).

  9. Fill and bleed power steering system.
  11. Inspect the system for leaks.