Pickup 1997

Disarming The System


Specific to:

Nissan Pickup 1996-1997

Servicing the SRS system will require the use of the CONSULT-III scan tool, or equivalent. Be sure to follow the service information on the screen, of the scan tool, when working on the SRS system.

Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.

All SRS electrical wiring harnesses and connectors can be identified with YELLOW and or ORANGE color. Do not use electrical test equipment on any circuit related to the SRS (air bag) sensors. When installing SRS components, always install with the arrow marks facing the front of the vehicle.

To disarm the SRS system turn the ignition switch to OFF position. Then, disconnect the both battery cables starting with the negative cable first and wait at least 3 minutes after the cables are disconnected. Be sure to insulate the battery terminal ends. Disconnect the air bag module connector.

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Fig. Air bag module connector location