Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988 Repair Guide

Inside Rear View Mirror



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Fig. Fig. 1 Properly position the mirror mount at the point shown

The rearview mirror is attached to a support which is secured to the windshield glass. A service replacement windshield glass has the support bonded to the glass assembly. To install a detached mirror support or install a new part, use the following procedures to complete the service.

  1. Locate the support position at the center of the glass 4 1 / 2 in. from the top of the glass to the top of the support.
  3. Circle the location on the outside of the glass with a wax pencil or crayon. Draw a large circle around the support circle.
  5. Clean the area within the circle with household cleaner and dry with a clean towel. Repeat the procedures using rubbing alcohol.
  7. Sand the bonding surface of the support with fine grit (320-360) emery cloth or sandpaper. If the original support is being used, remove the old adhesive with rubbing alcohol and a clean towel.
  9. Apply the adhesive as outlined in the kit instructions.
  11. Position the support to the marked location with the rounded end up.
  13. Press the support to the glass for 30-60 seconds. Excessive adhesive can be removed after five minutes with rubbing alcohol.

Do not apply excessive pressure to the windshield glass. The glass may break, causing personal injury.