Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988 Repair Guide

Pneumatic Seat Bladder Bag



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Fig. Fig. 1 View of the pneumatic seat assembly and its related components

  1. Remove the seat assembly from the vehicle as previously outlined.
  3. Remove the recliner cover attaching screws and slide the cover downward and rearward of the seat.
  5. Unzip the underside of the seatback trim cover and remove the hog rings from the bottom corners of the seatback cover. The hog rings can be removed using side cutters.
  7. Remove the hog rings from the trim curtain on the underside of the seat cushion.
  9. Remove the air tube harness connector out from the under inboard edge of the foam underside of cushion.
  11. Raise the corner of the seatback trim over the upper portion of the recliner. Remove the recline mechanism to expose the two hinge recliner bolts. Remove the two bolts. Remove the inner hinge arm attaching bolt and remove the seatback. Work the seatback bladder bag tubes out from the under cushion.
  13. Remove the hog rings from the side rods and support wires securing the trim cover to seatback frame. Remove the seatback cover.
  15. Remove the hog rings securing the upper and lower edges of the bladder bag to the seatback. Carefully peel the cemented area of the bladder bag away from the foam cushion. Do not tear the foam. Remove the bladder bag.

To install:

During installation, apply a nonstaining spray adhesive such as 3M® Super Trim Adhesive 08090 or equivalent to the bladder bag area marked on the foam where the bladder bag is located. Use new hog rings to install the seat trim covers. Be careful not to damage the trim cover while installing.