Pontiac Fiero 1984-1988 Repair Guide

Rear Window Defogger



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Fig. Fig. 1 Repairing the broken defogger grid line on the rear windshield

  1. Remove the battery feed to the rear defogger.
  3. Mark the broken grid lines on the outside of the glass with a grease pencil or crayon.
  5. Clean the grid line area to be fixed by buffing with fine steel wool and wiping clean using a rubbing alcohol dampened cloth. Buff and clean about 1 / 4 in. (6mm) beyond each side of the break in the guide line.
  7. Install the grid line repair decal or two strips of tape positioned above and below the repair area. The repair decal must be used to control the width of the repair area.
  9. Remove the clamp (separator) from the grid repair container. Mix the hardener and silver plastic thoroughly. If the hardener has crystallized, immerse the packet in hot water until liquified.
  11. Apply the repair material to the area using a small wood stick or spatula. Carefully remove the decal or tape.

The repair material must be cured with heat. Protect the interior trim at the point of repair from heat.

  1. Using a heat gun or hair dryer, apply heat to the repair area for one to two minutes. Hold the heat gun nozzle 1 in. (25mm) from the surface. The minimum temperature of 300°F (149°C) is required.
  3. At least 24 hours are required for a complete curing of the repair materials. The unit should not be disturbed until after that time.